Things to know about Leupold Rifle Scope

Best Leupold rifle scopes

"Best Leupold rifle scopes are made to be accurate, trustworthy and durable". This claim made by the company is supported by the fact that more long-range tactical optics are manufactured by Leupold for use in the US Military than any other company.

Offering high performance at a reasonable price, a full range of popular, rugged, high-quality rifle scopes are available;

VX*R Patrol, VX-6 & VX-3 – The VX R Patrol is a sleek design with daylight-capable illumination, this range is a patented 1-button design that minimizes bulk while allowing users to select between 8 intensity settings, including a low/high indicator. Also popular are the VX-6 featuring its 6x magnification range and the best selling VX-3.

Mark 4 CQ/T, LR/T & ER/T Rifle Scopes – The CQ/T is a revolutionary optical sight for firearms such as the AR15 and M16, combining the strengths of a red dot sight and the flexibility of a variable power scope. Importantly the reticle is always visible, with or without batteries, which ensures that the user is always prepared. The range is becoming a favorite with competitive shooters due to its unique close and long-range capabilities. The LR/T scopes are said to be some of the most dependable and highest performing to be found anywhere; their accuracy proved in the field and their rugged and absolute waterproof integrity found to be unquestionable. As far as competitive and target shooters as well as hunters are concerned there is nothing more they could ask for; designed specifically for users to take advantage of the reach and power of today's long-range scopes. To make shot placement quicker and easier, the M5 scopes' mil based adjustments complement the mil based reticles. As with all Mark 4 optics, the ER/Ts' deliver superior clarity, elevation adjustment and a generous range of windage, all of which are required for accuracy and precision over extreme distances.

The Mark 6 offers state-of-the-art tactical features which result in "smaller, lighter and faster" optics… absolute perfection for some end users!

Mark 4 High Accuracy Multi-Range (HAMR) Rifle Scopes – This scope is so tough that "tough doesn't begin to describe it"! It's said to be "as devastatingly effective as it is ruggedly constructed". It's compact and combat ready and is designed for precise mid-range marksmanship and fast target acquisition in bright day-light through to low and night-light. It will ensure that the user always has the upper hand in any close quarter and mid-range scenario if it's coupled with the DeltaPoint Reflex sight.

Mark 4 MR/T Rifle Scopes – Hunters and competitive shooters firing the Remington 700, Winchester Model 70, Ruger 77 and Savage 110, among other popular rifles, have come to trust and rely on the MR/T also. For everything from 50 to 700 meters, these are said to be the scopes you can count on to get a job done. If matched up with the various AR style firearms; FAL, G3, SCAR-H, M-14 or bolt-actions this scope will give a serious boost in magnification and accuracy.

Mark 8 Rifle Scopes – The scope you need if you want to make every second count! With an astonishing 8x magnification range, precision will no longer need to be sacrificed to obtain field of view. The illuminated front focal plane reticles subtend consistently at high and low magnification for the most accurate range estimating and range compensating available with today’s tactical reticle designs. The point of impact can be fine-tuned with Auto-Locking Pinch and Turn adjustments which at the same time prevent accidental movements. Unparalleled windage is achieved through a 34 or 35mm maintube and elevation adjustment travel. In addition, the BDC dial makes zeroing a breeze with its ability to bypass the zero-stop.

Mark AR Rifle Scopes – Come in a variety of models with multiple reticle options. Some are available with a laser engraved 55 grain ,223/5.56mm BDC elevation dial. Additional BDC dials are available through Leupold's Custom Shop.

Tactical Prismatic Rifle Scopes – This optic offers the fast target acquisition and accuracy of a non-magnifying red dot sight. Unlike the red dot sights, it features an etched glass reticle that's visible with or without its removable Illumination Module…or batteries. It's ideal for any situation requiring action that's fast and close.

A Gold Ring full-lifetime guarantee is offered on every item and all are designed, manufactured and machined in the USA. Whatever your passion; hunting, tactical or target shooting and whatever your budget, Leopold makes a rifle scope for you!

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The double Sower Head


A shower is a bathing place with sprays of water at predetermined pressure. The water can hot, warm or cold and the pressure can be low or high depending on the settings.

The head in fluid dynamics could refer to pressure difference or height, typically, the head has nozzle(s) through which atomized water is sprayed to the person at a pressure. Showers are installed in the shower stall or bathtub with a hose connected to it to convey water from a mounting bracket.

How to set pressure

Shower head delivers water at an elevated high pressure with constant flow. This high pressure is realized by the adjustable settings and the pressure chamber.

Adjustable setting works by reducing the size of the nozzles area hence increasing pressure, mathematically pressures p=Force/Area =height times density of water times gravity, reducing area while increasing force leads to an increased pressures. For the pressure chamber, adding air and pressure to the shower, water will be forced out at a high pressure.


A shower head is the end portion of the shower with multiple holes for streaming sprays of water through the hose. The head maybe chrome-plated or aluminum-platted, heads are installed on the walls hanging from an elevated point that is convenient enough to be accessed during showering, at the lower posterior end of the head, is the adjustable knobs for water flow and pressure regulations.

Merits of double shower heads

Since they have double heads, more water is conveyed and thus makes bathing interesting.

Two people can bath at the same time and hence, the shower saves time used on a single shower heads, especially for people who work early in the morning.

The shower has an adjustable pressure knob for regulating pressure, showering at high pressure makes it more enjoyable than on a low pressure.

Since the shower has two heads which can be adjusted to different angles, the shower is well suited for partners.

It can also be positioned to different elevations as desired by the partners.

Setting the shower at different positions and angles helps to ease pain and give the person calming and massaging abilities.

It also has different options for hand-holding and fixed which can suit to different uses, especially when washing the legs and under the armpit.

It allows you to wash and rinse easily hence better washing is achieved.

Its pleasure to bath in a hot high pressure especially on a cold morning.

Demerits of double shower head.

Since it has double heads, sometimes water is wasted especially during interesting bath by partners. They are more expensive than low pressure shower heads.

They are best suited to low water pressure flows and rates.

Criterion of selecting double Shower head

a)    Is the pressure design, adjustable or chamber pressure?

The pressure chambers give a better pressure than adjustable.

b)    Is the home water pressure low or high?

For low pressure, choose the shower with a narrower head for high pressure realization.

c)    Is the water flow rate high or low?

For low water flow, high pressure heads are better suited.

d)    Quality from different manufacturers and specifications is what will determine the high or low pressure shower head.

Benefits of double shower heads

It suited for partners i.e. more than one person and kids at a time.

It can be used on low water pressure at home since it has a pressure chamber for amplifying pressure.

The chances of the nozzles blockage are reduced by high pressure.

Full body wash and proper massaging.

How to Improve Efficiency of double Shower Heads u Clean the shower head to remove deposits.

Replace the damaged showerhead.

Features of double Shower Heads

Head has a plunger system installed at the top to increase intensity of water flow.

The shower head small holes called nozzles deliver water to the person.