Crossy Road

Playing games will always be the ultimate pastime. The board game continues to emerge into a more portable option because playing games is fun. You can play games on your computer and now take the gaming option with you everywhere you go right there on your phone.

Playing Crossy Road

Crossy Road is a mobile game. Get caught up in using all your skill and finesse to safely go across roads, grass, train tracks and more without dying. The simplicity of this game is what makes it such a success. The ability to cross a road is easy yet Crossy Road uses obstacles as potential road blocks that you must avoid. Hang out in any area for too long and an eagle plucks you from the street and it is game over. So waiting is not an option you have to seize the opportunity and get across at the precise time. Once you begin playing you see how easy it is to lose track of time with such an easy yet challenging game.


The dedication to playing the game most certainly lead to methods of being a Crossy Road Cheat. There are some tips and techniques you can use to live a longer life as a Crossy Road character.
– Make the most of scoring play in landscape fashion which gives more view of the screen to see traffic.
– Stick with characters that seem right for you. Your play skill with them will be better because you can relate to the characters’ looks, sounds even the way it moves.
– Aim for the grass it is like a safe place to catch your breath without dying.
– If you have to move quickly do fast taps in a straight line. This speed maneuver works great when objects are in step.
– Plan ahead and use strategy. Check out the direction your traffic is going in at all times.
– These are keys to staying alive longer. Do your best to keep it moving forward you don’t earn points for side stepping or going backwards.

Meet the characters

There are over 40 characters on Crossy Road. There is no way you will get bored with so many characters to choose from and get to know. These characters have features unique to them to make game time more challenging and entertaining. Some favorites include:
– Doge has colorful quotes pop up on the screen making it hard to see but also funny because of the quotes.
– In this dark world scene Wolf character features a soft dusk light about him
– Gravestones speckle the road and ghost pop up and maybe disappear. Character Grave Digger runs in the dark with a lamp as only source of lights.
There is never a dull moment when you have the right game to stimulate and challenge your competitive personality. Yes there are endless games to download and play but what is that game you just have to have on your phone. You and other gamers are talking about Crossy Road.